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Thu, 04/13/2017 - 16:39

What does it take to Digitize a Hospital? To make them start using a Software for their Day to Day Operation?

Step 1 will be buying a computer for all the stations. One in reception, in Lab, Pharmacy etc. Reception computer will be used to register the patients and give them a token, Lab system to upload the test results, and the Pharmacy system to dispense Medicines.

Why a ₹ 30,000 ($500) computer for Hospital Reception?

Have you ever wondered why would we need a 30,000 rupees computer in the reception just to register the patients and give them a token? Or in the Lab... Read more

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 16:30

There are two reasons we go to International Conferences.

One, Showcase Nalam+ Software and Two, Acquire Inspiration from Conferences.

Showcase Nalam+ : We go to Conferences with 'Zero' expectations. We listen to the Doctors who come to our stalls, learn their pain points and then explain How Nalam+ could solve the p.ps. For Example, A common pain point from Doctors, 'My reception staff are very slow in typing. It takes more than few minutes for them to enlist an existing patient for OP. I stopped using a computers for this reason'. Our suggestion would be, 'Well, you can try... Read more

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 16:28

I always have a feeling that the iPhone or the Android are NOT designed to suit my people, The Indian people. There is a lot of 'I's in these devices than any 'We'. I mean they are meant to be used by a one person and one person only. It might suit well for the western lifestyles, but I have a feeling they don't suit here.

Here in India, Dad's phone is used more effectively by the kids than the dad himself. Games, Apps, Music, Videos, All of them. Mom's 'Tablet' has more marks of 'Thayir Sadham' (Curd Rice) than her finger print. She shows videos of rhymes or games while feeding the... Read more

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 16:26

There are many ways we get new customers. Sometimes we do big shows to get them to notice us. Sometimes we get new leads while we are packing after the show. There are times we get a call from Hospitals next door saying 'Where have you been all these years?' Or from a Hospital in a remote place not seen in the map saying 'We know you for a long time, We are renovating and Expanding. We want NALAM to be installed!!'. You might have heard new customers asking for references, 'Give me references of Big Hospitals in my area where you have installed NALAM?'. We also get customers asking, 'Have y... Read more

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 16:24

There are many things we learn by experience. There are certainly a few I learnt from Coke and Pepsi.

When we first started NALAM, The Multi-specialty Software for Hospitals, in 2011, Many people suggested to name it 'Modern' by their standards. Names that would include terms such as Medical, Hospital, Doctor and so on. MediSoft, HospiSoft etc. We started with the name NALAM, a beautiful Tamil word that means 'Wellness' and never wanted to change to a different name.

When they kept suggesting new names, I asked them "Do you know the meaning of the name Coke?"


... Read more