Cost Effective Digitization for Hospitals.

  • Posted on: 13 April 2017
  • By: dotblog

What does it take to Digitize a Hospital? To make them start using a Software for their Day to Day Operation?

Step 1 will be buying a computer for all the stations. One in reception, in Lab, Pharmacy etc. Reception computer will be used to register the patients and give them a token, Lab system to upload the test results, and the Pharmacy system to dispense Medicines.

Why a ₹ 30,000 ($500) computer for Hospital Reception?

Have you ever wondered why would we need a 30,000 rupees computer in the reception just to register the patients and give them a token? Or in the Lab just to upload the Lab Results? Do we get any assurance from these companies that this 30,000 rupees computer won't crash? or won't get affected by Virus.

As a leading software company for Hospitals, at Nalam+, we received more complaints from our client Hospitals about the Computers not turning 'ON' or Affected by Virus or Not Booting or Hard disk failed due to power problems etc. Even though these issues have nothing to do with Nalam Software, it affected the overall productivity of the Hospitals.

Keeping these issues as our motivations, our Research and Development team worked on for last two years with following goals.

1. Bring the cost of the computer down. Make it work with Nalam Software.

2. Protect it from any misuse. Like, Social Media, YouTube or browsing unwanted websites and downloading viruses.

3. Make it lightweight and failure proof. No Hard disk failures or Boot problems.

After a lot of research, Our team had come up with Nalam Connext. Nalam Connext is a lightweight computer that will replace the ₹ 30,000 computers used in the Reception, Lab, Pharmacy etc. It uses next generation technology to connect to Nalam Software running at the Server. It restricts the users from using the computers for browsing internet or watching online videos etc. No more hard disk failures, No Viruses. It operates even at high temperatures, No A/C required. and.. it uses only less than 10W of electricity. And the important factor, Cost, we brought it down more than 50%. It costs only ₹ 15,000. ($250)

In simple words, Along with the most popular and the most liked Hospital Software, we, at Nalam+, make tomorrow's technologies work for our Hospitals, today.