The 'Give and Transfer' Policy in Satisfying Customers.

  • Posted on: 13 April 2017
  • By: dotblog

There are many ways we get new customers. Sometimes we do big shows to get them to notice us. Sometimes we get new leads while we are packing after the show. There are times we get a call from Hospitals next door saying 'Where have you been all these years?' Or from a Hospital in a remote place not seen in the map saying 'We know you for a long time, We are renovating and Expanding. We want NALAM to be installed!!'. You might have heard new customers asking for references, 'Give me references of Big Hospitals in my area where you have installed NALAM?'. We also get customers asking, 'Have you installed NALAM in that 'Chinna Podiyan (Small/Tiny) Hospital, I need you to install it in my Hospital ippove (now! now!!)'

With so many of different type of customers, How do we satisfy them? Where does a good customer satisfaction start?

I do many analysis in my everyday life. Wherever I go as a customer, if I feel happy about a service, I watch the environment closely!!. if I am not happy about a service, I watch even closer. Car Service, Bike Service, Phone Service, Shopping places, Shoe marts, Burger Kings, Mc Donald's and many more.

Let me share a few with you. I took my motor bike for service. 'Is it First Free Service? Did you call ahead? Do you have the service SMS we send?'. When I replied 'No I didn't call earlier', I was looked like the most unwanted guest at an important family event. 'Free service' is often like asking for mercy. It doesn't matter if you had bought the vehicle for 100,000 or half a million. They don't know or don't care if you are a potential customer who can buy more products from them or not.

During the last flood in Chennai, I drove my van to many watery places carrying food and relief items. The diesel filter in the van collected a lot of water. I called the service center of a famous dealer. They said that the diesel filter full of water and it will be cost me few thousand rupees to fix it. Later when I googled, I learnt that there is a knob in the diesel filter, if you open it, the water will be drained'. Will I ever call them again for service? I paid few thousand rupees to learn a lesson that 'Customers, being ignorant don't mean they are Stupid!!'.

In many ways, I like the customer representatives who say, 'You are ordering a small burger and medium fries, if you order a meal, you will get a medium burger, fries and also a drink for a lessor price', Suggesting value for money. Or, 'Please don't buy this brand sir, the parts for this brand are also imported and you don't get it quickly if you needed any service and the Service centers are also limited', sharing the on field experience.

All these good lessons, I take them to my customers. I make sure we deliver the best value for their money and bring all our experiences to benefit them.

One important lesson I learnt, Wherever I as a Customer, was not treated well, the employees who were facing the Customers, were not treated well either. 'The respect' if need to be given to the Customers, I learnt, it need to be given to the employees who are facing the Customers. Like the 'Give and Take Policy' There should be a 'Give and Transfer' policy. That is what I follow to make sure my customers are treated the best way possible.