We are a 'Bunch of Bananas' not a 'Bitten Apple'.

  • Posted on: 13 April 2017
  • By: dotblog

I always have a feeling that the iPhone or the Android are NOT designed to suit my people, The Indian people. There is a lot of 'I's in these devices than any 'We'. I mean they are meant to be used by a one person and one person only. It might suit well for the western lifestyles, but I have a feeling they don't suit here.

Here in India, Dad's phone is used more effectively by the kids than the dad himself. Games, Apps, Music, Videos, All of them. Mom's 'Tablet' has more marks of 'Thayir Sadham' (Curd Rice) than her finger print. She shows videos of rhymes or games while feeding the kids and feels soooo proud when her two year old unlocks the tab by entering her password.

"Son!! What did you do with my phone? Many of my contacts are missing!!"
"Appa!! Don't look at the 'Whatsapp' contacts. Check in 'Phone' contacts."

The point I want to make is that There is a lot more things happening in a family and the Smart Phones or Apps are not designed around them.

Lets take my speciality area. Healthcare IT. If Dad is not feeling well, he would be saying, "My stomach is hurting, I should visit a Doctor" but would never go see a Doctor until the pain is unbearable. But if his son says "My stomach is hurting", he will immediately look for an appointment. It doesn't matter whether the son is 3 years old or 35 years old. Same feeling with Moms too. In fact moms go a longer way in family care. They take care of her husbands parents, her parents, her kids even grand kids. Slightest illness for anyone of them will be given the highest priority than her own illnesses.

Building a app that counts how many steps a Mom walked and tell her "You walked for 275 steps today", do you think would help her in anyway? How much of value is it to tell a Dad that, "You slept for 4 and half hours" based on his Mobile Phone's movements?.

Can an Healthcare app, let the Dad get a Doctors appointment for his Son? Or a let a Son make an appointment with a Doctor for his Mom? Can a Daughter monitor the blood sugar levels of her Dad? Can an App show the X-Ray of little Son's broken arm and show the progress of bone growth over a month?

In very simple words, Can an app take care of the health of my family? My 'Whole Family?'. Well, That is exactly what we do. We will be launching 'NALAM DOT' that would be a healthcare app for the family. India's First Online Healthcare Platform that brings all healthcare providers under one roof and make it instantly available to the whole family.

Our families are bundled with love. So is the Design of NALAM DOT. That is why I call ourselves a 'Bunch of Bananas' not an individual 'Bitten Apple'.