Why my 'A+' team goes to International Conferences.

  • Posted on: 13 April 2017
  • By: dotblog

There are two reasons we go to International Conferences.

One, Showcase Nalam+ Software and Two, Acquire Inspiration from Conferences.

Showcase Nalam+ : We go to Conferences with 'Zero' expectations. We listen to the Doctors who come to our stalls, learn their pain points and then explain How Nalam+ could solve the p.ps. For Example, A common pain point from Doctors, 'My reception staff are very slow in typing. It takes more than few minutes for them to enlist an existing patient for OP. I stopped using a computers for this reason'. Our suggestion would be, 'Well, you can try giving an ID card to patients with Bar code and use a Barcode scanner or the Best Solution Nalam+ offers is using a Fingerprint Scanner that would instantly identify patients. Cost effective and Error Proof.' Other pain points would be, 'It takes an hour to settle my end of the day accounts'. 'I know my pharmacy/lab staff are NOT giving me the right numbers, But I have no other options but to believe them!'. 'Stock in my Pharmacy, Sales, Returns, Expiry-s, Damages, Suppliers, Invoices, Receipts, Discounts, VATs, 5%, 7.5%, 10%.. hhhuuuggg yyyabbbaaa.. Its way too much to handle!! '. We just show how intuitive Nalam+ is in solving these pains. We see them go from 'Howww?' to 'Wowww!!'. BTW, We don't solve all the pain points. When they ask 'Do you integrate CCTV camera?'. We'd say 'we have it in our list but its lower down in the list in terms of priority.'

The Inspiration part: Once you master the Art of finding pain points and solving them, you would obviously look for bigger ones. That is what we do when we attend the sessions in the Conferences. We listen to expert speakers, like The 'Health Minister' (of Srilanka in BMICH) or Dr K. Ganapathy, President, Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation (@ THIT 2015 in Bangalore) or Mr. Victor Chen, Asia-Device Sell-in, OEM Microsoft (@ Microsoft LINC in Gurgaon, Delhi) and many others. We share the Minister's view point of Healthcare at a Country level and analyze how small initiatives can take the country's healthcare to a bigger scope. While we attend the sessions on how Telemedicine helps people in far away places, we analyze how 'bad traffic' of Delhi makes a town 6 kms away to be a far away place to travel during peak hours. We atomize the pain points and attempt to solve it from the smallest substance. We align our short term and long term goals in the direction of a brighter future. We validate ourselves with the industry standards like ICDs, HL7 etc. We energize every cell of ours and return from conferences. We recharge the whole team with all the energy we acquired from the conferences.

(The picture was taken after the closing ceremony of an International Conference at Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall, Sri Lanka, last year).