Nalam Force

NALAM Force is designed exclusively to take care of requirements from the Clinical Establishment Rules 2018.

  • Capture and store details with particulars relating to the clinical observation, test, investigation, diagnostic opinion advice and treatment given to the person, who has visited the hospital either as out-patient.
  • Maintain a database having the details regarding the name, age, sex and address of the patient, date of examination etc.
  • Store details about surgeries performed with name, age, sex, address of patient, Surgeon, Anaesthetist and Staff Nurse also to be entered. Biopsy reports also shall be entered. (Available in Inpatient).
  • Capture and store details of all surgeries done in minor operation theatre shall be entered in a register.
  • Maintain detailed record of in-patients in Intensive Care Unit with their illness, treatment offered, specialists visited – Out come etc.
  • Medical Record Maintenance, namely:- (Available in InPatient).
    Admission and Discharge Register.
    Case sheets
    Maternal Death Record
    Infant Death record
    1 to 5 years Child Death records
    and any other record as may be required by the Government, from time to time.
  • Provide a slip to Patient with details about the patients treated along with name, age, sex, disease and treatment given etc.
  • Capture Data From Laboratory about All tests carried out along with name, age, sex, investigation done report, date, etc., The following minimum Records to be maintained:-
    Daily Results Register
    Internal Quality Control Register
    Sample Collection Register
    Participation in External Quality Assessment Schemes Programmes.
  • Printing Prescriptions in Capital Letters and with GENERIC MEDICINE Names.
  • Maintenance of Equipments including X-Ray machines and other devices.
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  • It refers that the fingerprint based patient identification.
  • Nalam+ is specially featured with the hardware support to perform patients registration as well as hospitals employees attendance record which can save the time precisely as well as to retrieve their saved data for future reference.
  • It would reduce the paper towards a digitalization concept.
  • Keep your family close. Keep your patients closer.
  • Keep an eye on what goes on in your hospital, Admin, Cashier, Pharmacy etc.
  • Send Promotional messages / Greetings to All your patients.
  • Know more about Your strengths ie. Your patients.
  • FollowApp is a proactive step to take care of the patients and keep them close to you.
  • It contains Inpatient Admission with IP Label, Services Log, Discharge Summary, ICU management, etc., will be handled.
  • We can add initial findings, diagnosis, doctor advice and the examination details of IPs and also can prescribe tests.
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  • Lab Module contains dashboard to view the laboratory tests of OPs, IPs & External patients and also upload that test results.
  • Uploaded test results will be auto updated in the doctor module.
  • It contains Sales details, Stock details of lab items, Lab Inventory maintenance and different lab tests maintenance.
  • External patients can also take test reports and make payments here.
  • It is also integrated with cashier module to make the payment.
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  • It is integrated with the Doctor module and Cashier module (optional).
  • It will automatically display the medicines which are prescribed by the doctor and amount will be generated for prescribed medicines.
  • Pharmacy Module mainly contains Sales, Stock, Reports & Maintenance, etc
  • Medicine Sale for External patients can also be done with the Pharmacy Module.
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Nalam Finger Print Scanner

NALAM Clinic comes with 5 Licenses (1 Server and 4 Client) Add additional clients.



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