Nalam LITE - Simple Computing

Nalam LITE has been an innovation that helped Hospitals and Clinics to run with stable computing.It helps hospital receptions pharmacies and labs to function effectively and efficiently.

Nalam LITE

Nalam LITE saves its clients from major issues with Desktops such as 'Hard-disk Attacks', 'Heat and Dust' related failures or Voltage fluctuation related issues by using 'Solid State Drive' and newer technologies.

  • Highest Stability and Fastest performance by 'Solid State Drive'
  • New Generation Processors, Performance well even without Air Conditioner
  • Best fit for Classroom Environment
  • Blends perfectly with LED and LCD screens
  • Compatible to be used with class room projectors
Price : 12,495.00 (+18% GST)

Wifi Ready

Low Power Consumption

Easy to Operate

100% Replacement Guarantee

Full Support

Dedicated IT Team