MEDLOCQR - "Safety Comes First"

MED LOCQR, the digital health ID is designed to save lives from emergency medical conditions.


The most important use of any medical information is being available in case of any medical emergency.
MED LOCQR digital health id helps in medical emergencies to bring instant medical help to people.

  • ALERT’s Family - Alerts family in case of any medical emergency.
  • ALERT’s Doctor - Alerts the family doctor in case of any medical emergency.
  • Critical Medical Information - Shares critical medical information for first aid and faster recovery.
  • Hospitals and Ambulances - Provides links to the closest hospitals and ambulance services.
  • Volunteers - Brings volunteers nearby to bringing more help.
  • Emergency location - Shares the emergency location for bringing immediate medical help.
  • Historical Data - Stores and keeps historical medical data for continued care.
  • Health Reports - Prepares health reports based on data to maintaining good health.
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