Nalam Advanced

Nalam Advanced

Going for NABH Accreditation?

Getting ready for Serving Global Patients?

More than 70% inpatients you are treating are insurance patients?

Looking to face lift your Hospital for world standards?

"Choosing NALAM would be the best choice."

NALAM is built on world’s standards.Handling multiple insurance companies and tracking payments could be challenging, time consuming and sometimes can be brain draining...

NALAM’s Insurance Dashboard, takes care of tracking all insurance claims and keeps the data up to date. NALAM makes it easy for the staff to follow-up with the companies and provide all necessary medical records and patient details.

NALAM Even takes care of the X-Ray machines and other medical equipment you have in the hospital by keeping the installation details, AMC details, all contact details and reminds the Hospital Admins and Chief Doctors about the maintenance schedules.

Ambulance Management, Drive Management, ICU Management, Delivery rooms management, OT Management and what not.

NALAM, A clear vision towards next steps!!

Nalam Advanced Modules

  • Nalam Basic Modules with
  • Operation Management
  • Hospital Inventory
  • Insurance
  • Doctor Network
  • Opticals Management
  • Laboratory Inventory
  • Store Management
  • Biometric
  • Ambulance Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Physiotherapy Management
  • Attendance Management