About Us

Nalam is complete hospital information and management software

NALAM is not just a software. It is a platform where we analyse the healthcare IT pain points of Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors under one hood and provide intuitive solutions for them. We didn’t design the Software in our Labs. We designed it at various units of Hospitals.

Like a student, we sat next to multiple doctors for months, to understand the way they work. We stood behind the reception to understand the pain points they go thru every day to register new op patients, review patients, in-patients etc. We sold medicine in hospital pharmacies to learn the pain points of pharmacists. We took those pain points as our requirements and started designing NALAM.

Healthcare in India is very unique by itself. It revolves around the trust of the patients on their Doctors. The doctors are respected next to God for saving people’s lives and for keeping their good health. We at NALAM Software are only enhancing this experience and taking it to the next level. We are trying make the bond between the doctors and their patients even stronger.