Nalam Basic

Nalam Basic

“I own a 20+ Bed Hospital. There are 3 Doctors in my family and we all practice here. About 10 -15 people work in my Hospital.Also have a small Pharmacy and Lab.

Would NALAM fit my Hospital?”

Of Course, NALAM would perfectly fit your needs.

Right from Taking care of Appointments for All Doctors,Appointment Timings, Sequencing, Organizing with Tokens, Managing Inpatients, Rooms, Wards, Beds, Managing Pharmacy, Managing Stocks, Returning ‘expiring soon’ medicines, Patients’ bills for OP, IP etc,

Certificates like Birth or Medical leave, Referral letters to other Doctors and many more.

NALAM helps in every department. With NALAM, You are at PEACE!!

Nalam Basic Modules

  • Reception
  • Doctor OPD
  • Cashier Management
  • Admin
  • Expenses
  • Receivables
  • Certificate
  • Pharmacy
  • Lab
  • Inpatient