Why Nalam

Whats SO Special? Okay.. Isn’t NALAM just like any other Hospital Software?

All Hospital Software are not the same. Especially Hospital Software in India concentrate on keeping only of patient’s name, address and phone number.

NALAM is the first Hospital Software to capture patient’s bio-metric information. The need for it actually came from the hospitals using NALAM.

Capturing bio-metric instantly reduced the amount of time the patient waits at reception from second time onwards from 2 or 3 minutes to 5 or 6 seconds and keeps the reception with the smile to receive the next patient!


A smiling face in the reception heals half the sickness, isn’t it?

While Other Software capture patient name, address and phone number...

Nalam is the only software Captures.


BP, Height, Weight, Head Circumference (Paediatric), SPO2 and Respiratory


Periodic symptoms and Long term symptoms

History of Illness

History of current illness, History of other illness and History of family illness.

Multi-specialty data

left Eye Right Eye findings and details with diagrams (Ophthalmology), Observations and Vaccination Details (Paediatric),Fetus growth and development details, Scan details (Gynaecology) and Date of surgery and Complete details about the surgery (General & Heart Surgeons) Add more Data..


Doctor's Diagnosis and Doctor's Observation related to illness.


Admission with IP Label, Services Log , Service entry details, Discharge Summary, ICU management, etc., will be handled.


Mainly contains Sales, Stock, Reports & Maintenance, etc.,


Dashboard to view the laboratory tests of OPs, IPs & External patients and also upload that test results.

That is why NALAM is so very advanced from other Hospital Software in India.