Nalam - NABH Accreditation

NABH Accreditation is a formal recognition to Hospitals for demonstrating commitment to quality care. It raises confidence of patients and public about the services provided by the hospital.

NABH Accreditation

Getting accreditation from NABH doesn't mean the hospital need to change completely. Accreditation is a method by with NABH approves that the 'procedures and the policies of Hospital are well documented and followed by all its members, right from the Doorman to the Chairman'.

NALAM team has been working with Doctors and Hospitals for the past years to understand the guidelines laid by NABH for the purpose of providing assistance for hospitals in getting 'Entry Level', 'Progress Level' and Full Accreditation. We provide the following services in order to prepare the hospitals for NABH Accreditation and for maintaining the Accreditation.

  • Evaluation and Gap analysis on hospital planning, design and services.
  • Working with the Hospital in defining the Scope for Accreditation.
  • Planning continuous quality improvement, System design and development.
  • Assistance in preparation of NABH Manuals as per requirement of NABH.
  • Discuss, design and development of health care quality standard with all departments.
  • Preparation of total training plan and Providing training to Hospital staff as per NABH.
  • Conducting training for internal auditors, for doing audits and report preparation.
  • To guide Hospitals in all the implementation process as per NABH standards.
Nalam - NABH Accreditation