Nalam+ is Userfriendly Integrated Customizable Hospital Management Software.

Nalam+ is complete hospital information and management software, focuses on day to day practices of doctors and hospitals.It provides efficient and effective management competencies.

Nalam +

The core competencies of Nalam+ include patient organization including Electronic Medical Records, hospital operations, facility management and employee(s) management. Besides, Nalam+ extends rich sets of trend reports to its patrons.

Nalam+ is brainchild of doctors with immense experience and interest in next generation technologies,gadgets and software architects with years of experience in building high quality software products, enthusiastic engineers with great creativity panache.

Following are some of the core capabilities

  • Ease of use enhancing day to day regime of doctors and operators.
  • Information collaboration with high emphasis on data security.
  • Presentation of data to doctors and management, with high clarity and accuracy.
  • Print prescriptions, tests, reports.
  • Schedule patients’ future visits, remainders etc.,